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I’m Jenny

Copywriter, Occupational Therapist, and Messaging Strategist.

Are you looking for value-aligned *yet strategic* words to fill your practice or sell out your programs?

I’m the OT in your corner with copywriting that makes an impact.


Friend, I’m so glad you’re here!

Take a minute to hang out with me on this little corner of the internet.

It’s the perfect place if you’re…

  • On a mission to create a website with words that bring in dreamy clients who are scampering to work with you because they resonate with your work and values. 
  • Ready to create an online presence with an authentic message you’re proud to share. 
  • Searching for an OT-knowledgable copywriter who brings in the copy strategy, SEO, and messaging ability you never were taught in school. 

You sound like my kind of person!

On a mission to expand the reach of occupational therapy by helping OT leaders and business owners to turn piles of ideas into the words of marketing magic. 

At the end of the day, people need to know about you and say “yes” to what you offer. That’s marketing in a nutshell and it’s the words of copywriting that pave the path to success. 

And success doesn’t just mean helping others. It includes financial well-being *cough* — getting paid well for the valuable services you provide. 

And if the thought spotlighting the brilliance of your work results in a cold sweat or blank mind… that’s a common side-effect of being a values-driven (non-salesy) occupational therapist. 

Have no fear! That’s what I’m here for. I am ready to organize your ideas, pull out what matters, and turn it all into copy that you’re fired up to share.


From hiding in the shadows as an outpatient OT to a copywriter  spotlighting the brilliant people of the profession.

I spent 9 years working in rural health as an OT running from an outpatient clinic to bedside sessions in the hospital. 

And while l loved my work and the direct impact on the lives of my clients — I also really struggled

My brain couldn’t handle jumping from client to client and documenting at the same time. I felt disillusioned by productivity standards and the challenge of wrestling clients’ needs with insurance-approved options. 

Not to mention, the schedule my OT clients needed for quality care seemed constantly at odds with the life I dreamed of providing as a wife and mama of 2. 

Then! A big miraculous shift.

While leading a program overhaul for I local non-profit, I discovered talent and passion I didn’t know I had. On a mission to find a way to better use these skills, I dove into Google research and emerged with idea of working online as a copywriter. And the rest is history 🙂

Creating a new career path as a copywriter for occupational therapists.

Hooked on the idea of re-inventing my career, I rolled up my sleeves and started taking action…

→ Learned copywriting.

→ Set up an online business.  

→ Started spreading the word about the power of copywriting to fellow OT biz owners. 

And as a result, I’ve had the privilege of working with incredible clients to do some really amazing work. The proof is in the pudding, with the right website or launch, clients are able to share their ideas and reach their business goals. 

I’ve connected with the profession of OT in a whole new way. Finding brilliant OTs business owners who are who on the mission to help people through unique services or innovative practice areas.

My zone of genius is writing copy that transforms your mission and message into online words that bring the right paying people into your world.

Freeing you up for other things — like serving your people and enjoying life as an OT entrepreneur. 

Keen to learn more?

Check out the two main ways I work with clients.

“So much easier to have an OT do your copy – your message actually resonates with you and the community!!”

“I can vouch for Jenny! I re-did my entire website copy with her since I was adding services and wasn’t super happy with what I had before. So much easier to have an OT do your copy – your message actually resonates with you and the community!!

Plus, now that my website is on the first page of Google, I’m seeing more clients finding me through my website.”

Ushma Sampat, MS OTR/L
World of OT

OT private practice owner, Ushma sampat

Extra Factoids for the Curious

Professional  Details

  • Master of Occupational from Grand Valley State University
  • Professional OT license in the state of Michigan
  • Presentor about copywriting at OT Enterpreneur Summit
  • Presentor about copywriting at Hand & Surgery Online Summit


Personal Life Tidbits

  • I love my 2 high-energy, outdoor playing kids
  • I’ve traveled to 2 times to my husband’s home country of India
  • Adore Canva, hate working anywhere without a window
  • Solid introvert but leaning into bravery, speaking up, and carving out needed alone time

“Found the new opportunities and an angle that was fresh but also true to my message and my voice.”

“There reached a point in running my business that I needed to write a whole new series of marketing emails….and I just didn’t want to. I didn’t have the time, space, or mental energy to write another word. I had no new ideas, and felt like I was saying the same things over and over again.

Delegating my copywriting to Jenny was the absolute best idea. She read over everything I had already written and found the new opportunities and an angle that was fresh but also true to my message and my voice. Jenny is professional, efficient, good at what she does, and a pleasure to work with. And, importantly, her copywriting converts clients!”

Meg Proctor 
Founder of Learn Play Thrive

Sharing the copywriting secrets OT to OT.

Learn the copywriting secrets that hold the keys to writing to bring in clicks, sales, and true connection. 

It’s still writing. Just not the writing you learned in school. 

Get the guide and avoid copywriting common copywriting mistakes.