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Create an Online Presence You Love to Share

Copywriting for innovative occupational therapy practitioners   

Jenny Gill, copywriter for occupational therapy

Delightfully Crafted Website Copy

Create an online presence that fully reflects your heart and excellence

Translating the power of what you do as an innovative OT to website words that get found on Google and connect with your people

Website services include consulting and done-for-you copy.

Brand Message Intensive

Communicate your message to grow your business as an occupational therapist

After you’ve re-imagined what it means to be an OT, your next step is communicating what you do to the world.

That’s because you’re not going to change the world if you’re stuck on silent. You need to broadcast your brilliance to get people shaking their heads in agreement and filling your inbox with inquiries. 

Start by creating a clear and authentic brand message.

cup of ideas
image of client Kristen fleif

“She will take your muddled thoughts and dreams and turn them into GOLDEN words.” 

“Jenny is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  She wrote the email I sent out to families for the [package pricing] change and helped me with all the copy for a new website. If you’re having copywriting needs, hire her! Her work is 1000% worth every penny and she’s an exceptional teammate.” 


Marika Austin, OT
Bearfoot Outdoor OT
Creator of The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing

Take a moment to recognise what you’ve set out to accomplish. 

It’s really “something” to break free of the safety of traditional OT. I see the grit, energy, and passion you’re putting in to pave your own *better* path. 

And let’s be honest, the learning curve of business is a big one. Sales and marketing are probably the priority you never knew to have. 

And even if you did learn some sales strategy and copywriting on your own, it’s often hard or time-consuming to write for yourself.

SSS Creative Boss 5

Illuminate Your Message. Grow Your Business.

Reaching people requires communicating what you do. Not an easy task for multi-talented occupational therapists with lots of ideas but not a lot of training in the art of marketing. 

Wouldn’t it be great to find someone who: 

  • Explains occupational therapy concepts in language that’s understandable and compelling
  • Incorporates SEO so web copy gets found in Google
  • Translates your passion to what matters to your clients
  • Is invested in collaborating so your business grows in today’s online world

Hold up! Sounds like you’re looking for an occupational therapist who understands YOU and copywriting. Ideally, someone who combines messaging and strategy to create words that book up schedules. 

Yup, I’m that special unicorn. My name is Jenny and I’m an occupational therapist serving the profession as a full-time copywriter. 

I’m your go-to gal if you’re looking for a non-salesy, quality copywriting to showcase your clinical services and build your practice in an authentic way.

Enjoy a comprehensive, detailed, and thoughtful experience.

Am I the copywriter with the fastest turnaround times?…

No. And that’s for a reason. 

My process includes the time to tease out important details including your vision, voice, and values. 

My clients care about what they put out in the world —and so do I. 

If you’ve got your sights on a project. Reach out sooner versus later to claim your spot and get your copy completed on time. 

Eager to begin!? Here’s how you get started….


Step 1

Fill out an interest form

Step 2

Have clarity call via zoom

Step 3

Nail down project details


“On time, on budget, new ideas, collaborative and fun? 
Yes please!”

Jenny was able to help me process and filter through the info and came back with wonderful solutions. The extra thrill was having her NAIL my brand voice, and turn my ramblings into coherent messaging that sounded just like (or dare I say better) than the real me.

Jenny and I both felt really proud that we accomplished this vision – together! On time, on budget, new ideas, collaborative and fun? Yes please!”

Trish Williams

OTs Get Paid Podcast

Trish Williams Consulting


client feature of OT business coach, Trish Williams

Sharing the copywriting secrets OT to OT.

Learn the copywriting secrets that hold the keys to writing that’ll bring in clicks, sales, and true connection.