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The Brand Message Intensive

Be an Occupational Therapist Business Owner with a Strong Brand Message

With all your brand wording & ideas clarified, you’ll save your energy and make more energy each time you visit your Brand Message Toolkit

Stop wasting time on marketing that doesn’t work. 

Instead, nail down a core message that can be used across marketing platforms.

We’ll partner together to clarify and put words to your brand message. I combine all your ideas to create your Brand Message Toolkit that you can share with your team or revisit yourself to create social media posts, emails, and your website.  

Imagine with me…

You are an OT business owner who as able to: 

Grow Your business

 by resonating with your ideal *paying* customer

Quickly Pivot

by making tweaks and plugging compelling words to different marketing channels.

Be Authentic

because you draw others to  your values, mission, and transformation

Your brand message is the foundational work that matters 10-fold. Miss the mark with your message and you’re wasting time and losing potential customers every time you put out new marketing.

Rebecca Waud Occupational Therapy Practice OwnerGood Nature Occupational Therapy

“I knew I would have copy nuggets I could use…

but in hindsight, I didn’t realize the depth of the awesomeness.”

I was delighted by how comprehensive, detailed and thoughtful the experience was. It really helped me to streamline and solidify my thoughts and my message. It definitely felt very VIP and Jenny was so receptive to everything and very open-minded. She helped me find my voice and the voice of my brand. 

Introducing the Brand Message VIP!

This unique copywriting service pulls the ideas out of your head and gives them back to you as beautiful cornerstone phrases so you can successfully market and grow your business. 


Where you get clarity on your message and emerge with a Brand Message Toolkit.



— Investment: $1700 —


For a bunch of sentences!? 

Nope! These phrases do the heavy lifting of connecting directly with the people you serve.

It’s an investment to actually get that brand identity work out of your head and into usable words of copy that you’ll weave across your marketing for a cohesive experience.

And got a team? You need this even more. No team member is a mind reader. Pass on this document so your team understands your brand and feels empowered to communicate your brand message.

Additional note: The Brand Message VIP is most successful when we tailor it to represent your core business and core audience. If you have distinct segments to your business, we’ll pick ONE for the VIP with the option to repeat the VIP for other segments in your business.

Inside the Brand Message Toolkit 

The final contents are flexible depending on the needs of each business. Here’s some of the typical pieces:

  • One line summary of the business
  • Brief owner bio
  • Brief business bio
  • Ideal client summary
  • Voice and Vibe Summary
  • One line brand mission
  • Values summary
  • Transformation statement
  • Summary of Approach
  • Belief Statements
  • Process talking points


Explanation of brand phrases and their uses for the messaging service for OTs, PTs, SLPs, and healthcare companies.

A clean & fast process to nail down your brand message! 


The pre-work is where you’ll reflect and organize all your thoughts so that the final product aligns with your message and rings true for your ideal client.


The heart of the intensive is the clarify your message call. During this 90 to 120-minute call, together we’ll pull together the important pieces for your dreamy right-fit clients.


Following the call, you get to sit back and relax. I’ll spend the next week putting words to your brand.


This 60-minute call follow up call to make adjustments and find the prime spots to start plugging in the phrases from the Brand Message Toolkit.


A VIP with a Guarentee

It can be leap of faith to invest in your business. Especially for something as abstract and personal as trusting someone to hone the words of your brand message. Believe me, this is a challenge and privilege I don’t take lightly. 

So as my rehab friend, here are the promises I make to you as both an OT and copywriter:

My Full-Attention

 In terms of space in my calendar and my brain, putting all the pieces together for your brand message becomes my obsession for the week. 

Value-Packed Experience

I gave A LOT of thought of how to make this process valuable from beginning to end. I created this offer to deliver it all — clarity, education, and ready-to-use copy. 

Solid Foundational Phrases

You’ll receive a robust database of phrases that will serve as the foundation of your brand message.

Full disclosure, most clients love the whole Toolkit with only minor changes. However, I can’t promise to hit the mark with EVERY phrase in your Brand Message Toolkit. Once you can see the big picture and how messaging works, it’s much easier down the road to make your own tweaks or eliminate what doesn’t resonate.

Wondering if the Brand Message VIP is the right next step for growing your OT business? 

The Brand Message VIP might be for you if: 


  • You’re ready to capture your message so it appeals to your ideal client.
  • You’re a new business owner and want to begin with brand clarity as you create marketing materials.
  • Your brand has evolved and you’re looking to reflect that in your marketing.
  • You’re building a team and want to share your brand message.
  • You’ve done some brainstorming and need a writer to clean up the wording.
  • You want to get your brand message out of your head and into the hands of your team.
  • You’re not seeing the growth you expected and someone has recommended adjusting your messaging. 

Picture yourself scrolling through your Brand Message Toolkit and finding the exacts words to copy and paste into your website, Linkedin Bio, and social media posts. 

Neutral Office

Shaenelle Murray OT & Parent Coach

“Omg it was like a breath of fresh air!

I feel so much more aligned to my content and messaging. I literally do not feel like a fraud anymore.

Honestly, it might have worked too well! Now I have too many ideas on where I want to take this!

I feel like you’ve captured exactly what I wanted and needed. In my head, it felt blurry and unrealistic because I didn’t know how to make it make sense 😏. You’ve managed to make it so simple yet so deliberate. A thousand thanks you!

I’ve signed up 4 coaching clients right off the bat because my message has been clear and it spoke to exactly what they wanted.

Plus I’ve just felt so much more confident with it. I think my clients can see this confidence. I haven’t been stuck in my wording when speaking to clients.

So thank you for letting me get this idea out of my head and making it into something real!