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Your Ideas Come to Life in Print 

Stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work.  

Instead, take the time to nail down your core message.

We’ll partner together to clarify and put words to your brand message. I combine all your ideas to create your Brand Message Toolkit that you can share with your team or revisit yourself to create social media posts, emails, and your website.

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Imagine with me…

The power of being a business owner with the ability to communicate what you do with a crystal clear message:

  • Resonates with your ideal *paying* customer
  • Quickly tweak and plug-in compelling words to different marketing channels. 
  • Grows your business by drawing in clients and team members with your values, mission, and transformation

Honestly, this is the foundational work that matters 10-fold. Miss the mark with your message and you’re wasting time and losing potential customers every time you put out new marketing.

Stop guessing (or procrastinating), let’s simplify and elevate your messaging once and for all so you can build a business that hums with dreamy, thankful clients.

“I knew I would have copy nuggets I could use…  but in hindsight, I didn’t realize the depth of the awesomeness.”

I was delighted by how comprehensive, detailed and thoughtful the experience was. It really helped me to streamline and solidify my thoughts and my message. It definitely felt very VIP and Jenny was so receptive to everything and very open-minded. She helped me find my voice and the voice of my brand.

Rebecca Waud
Good Nature Therapy Services


Introducing the Brand Message Intensive!

This unique copywriting service pulls the ideas out of your head and gives them back to you as beautiful cornerstone phrases so you can successfully market and grow your business. 

Picture yourself scrolling through your Brand Message Toolkit and finding the exact words to copy and paste into your website headlines, LinkedIn bio, and social media posts.

What’s Inside the Brand Message Toolkit?

The final contents are flexible depending on the needs of each business.

 Here’s some of the typical pieces:

  • One line summary of the business
  • Brief owner bio
  • Brief business bio
  • Ideal client summary
  • Voice and Vibe Summary
  • One line brand mission
  • Values summary
  • Transformation statement
  • Summary of Approach
  • Belief Statements
  • Process talking points

— Investment: $1500 —

For a bunch of sentences?

Nope! These phrases do the heavy lifting of connecting directly with the people you serve.

It’s an investment to actually get that brand identity work out of your head and into usable words of copy that you’ll weave across your marketing for a cohesive experience.

And got a team? This is even more important for you to do.

No team member is a mind reader. Pass on this document so your team understands your brand and feels empowered to communicate your brand message.

Additional note: The Brand Message VIP is most successful when we tailor it to represent your core business and core audience. If you have distinct segments to your business, we’ll pick ONE for the VIP with the option to repeat the VIP for other segments in your business.


How does the Brand Message VIP work?

The accountability and streamlined process ensure you get the rewards of the final result.


The pre-work is where you’ll reflect and brainstorm.

A  workbook and short video explanations will walk you through the entire process. You’ll also gain access to resources for gathering market research.



The heart of the intensive is this strategy call. During a 90 to 120-minute call, together we’ll pull together the important pieces for your dreamy right-fit clients.                                             


Following the call, you get to sit back and relax. I’ll get to work matching up the right words to your ideas. 1 week after our call, you’ll receive your Brand Message Toolkit.


This 60-minute call is where we further refine your message and  find the prime spots to start plugging in the phrases from the Brand Message Toolkit.

Ready to have a brand message you’ll eagerly share online?

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“Jenny is able to see clearly through all the muck and give you clarity so that your business has a clear message.”

“Despite knowing and seeing the work Jenny has done in the past, I was initially hesitant to invest in my brand message because I was uncertain if I had enough information. She took all the puzzle pieces of ideas and put them together.  Even though I’ve looked at the same pieces forever, by myself I couldn’t see how they fit together.”

Samantha Stern OT
Empower Kids Therapy

A VIP Guarantee

It can be leap of faith to invest in your business. Especially for something as abstract and personal as trusting someone to hone the words of your brand message. Believe me, this is a challenge and privilege I don’t take lightly. 

So as my rehab friend, here are the promises I make to you as both an OT and copywriter:


In terms of space in my calendar and my brain, putting all the pieces together for your brand message becomes my obsession for the week. 


I gave A LOT of thought of how to make this process valuable from beginning to end. I created this offer to deliver it all — clarity, education, and ready-to-use copy. 


You’ll receive a robust database of phrases that will serve as the foundation of your brand message. 

Full disclosure, most clients love the whole Toolkit with only minor changes. However, I can’t promise to hit the mark with EVERY phrase in your Brand Message Toolkit. Once you can see the big picture and how messaging works, it’s much easier to make your own tweaks or eliminate what doesn’t resonate.

SSS Pastel Workday 30
2021 Styled Stock Society

Want a Brand Message Toolkit at the center of your marketing efforts

(plus the brand clarity that comes with it?)

Here are the nitty-gritty details of the process once you decide to move forward:

  1. Booking: After paying your 50% deposit, you’ll get access to book your call. The remaining balance is due 24 hours prior to Kick Off Call.
  2. Pre-Work: You’ll get access to the Prework which is due 48 hours before your Kick-Off Call.
  3. Kick-Off Call: On your scheduled date, we’ll have 90-120 minute kick-off call via zoom.
  4. Delivery: Within one week, you’ll receive your Brand Message Toolkit (ekkk! Fist pumps). 
  5. Follow-Up: 60-minute wrap-up call in 1-2 weeks.

This is a fast-track option that’s designed to deliver you brand clarity plus plug-n-play phrases to use across your marketing.

It all begins with a simple application. After that, you can either book your VIP or set up a discovery call to get questions answered.

Wondering if the VIP is the right next step for growing your OT business?

Fill out the interest form, I’ll review it, and set up a call to figure it out together. 

Dreamy Desert

“I tried on my own for 8 months and moved forward after only 4 weeks with Jenny’s expertise”

“Jenny is a superstar when it comes to not only writing but also writing CLEARLY! Before we did our VIP day, I felt like a tornado with a million ideas in a flurry. She helped the tornado touch ground by making sense of my ideas.

Jenny was able to pull out the relevant information — that would help parents understand my Mealtime Mavens Program — and to discard the rest. I tried on my own for 8 months, and ultimately moved ahead after only 4 weeks with Jenny’s expertise. I highly recommend her if you are committed to moving your business forward.”

Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L CEO

OT and Feeding Specialist 
Roots Pediatric Therapy